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Course Description:

In this 8-week course, students will review traditional and contemporary learning theories that investigate the importance of self-reflection, the social nature of learning, biological bases for learning and emotional aspects of learning. Working topics will include: how we define ourselves as learners; centering and creating self-affirming beliefs; what is life-long, global learning?; the social nature of learning; the brain, emotions and learning; learning as change and managing learning/managing change. This course will enable students to both learn about learning and apply concepts to become more aware of themselves as learners.

Note: Students interested in learning more about themselves as adult learners may select this course for Educational Planning to be more successful students at Empire State College. Students of adult or child learning will find this course useful to more effectively engage students in classrooms or clients in training and non-formal education (business training, religious education, etc). Those pursuing educational studies will find this course useful as they differentiate instruction for learners with different learning needs.

Note: this course is open to all students. Center for Distance Learning students taking this course for educational planning credit should obtain mentor/advisor permission. This course can be used towards CDL Educational Planning.

Students planning to use financial aid: Students taking courses that are shorter than the standard term (at least 15 weeks in length) may have their federal loans reduced and/or state aid reduced or cancelled. Please visit our Web site at www.esc.edu/FinancialServices for more information.

This online course is offered through Online Learning. You can take this as an individual course or as part of an online degree program, with term starts in March, May, September, November and January. View current term offerings and all online courses. Click here to register for online courses.

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Liberal Study
Upper Level
Credits: 2
Term(s) Offered (Subject to Change) : Spring 1. Spring 2. Summer. Fall 1. Fall 2.

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