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Course Description:

This advanced-level study will explore the personal and collective ideologies that contribute to shaping our perceptions of inter-person and group differences and the prejudices and discriminatory practices that emanate from them. Many of our stereotypes about people whom we perceive as being different invade our lives without much conscious deliberation on our part. As a result, we may be blinded to the privileges and advantages we enjoy as a result of our membership in particular groups and to the disadvantages suffered by others. In surfacing these dynamics, we may become more sensitive to how our understanding and treatment of others may be based less on some presumed objective assessment of their circumstances and more on a belief system that was born of myths and misperceptions. The study draws upon social science research related to these issues and requires advanced-level critical thinking and writing skills for successful completion.

This course fully meets the General Education requirement in Social Sciences.

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Liberal Study
Upper Level
Credits: 4
Meets General Education Requirement In: Social Sciences-Full

Term(s) Offered (Subject to Change) : Spring 1. Fall 1.

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