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Course Description:

This course is a six-credit intensive study of accounting in today’s business environment. This course covers fundamentals of financial and managerial accounting from the perspective of users. The course emphasizes the relevance of accounting information to managers in all areas of business as well as administrators in nonprofit organizations. Topics covered include the analysis of financial statements, financial planning, the importance of cost analysis and understanding the master budget. These components are connected to practical implications of the business decision-making process. Students are expected to critically evaluate and offer possible solutions for business problems.

Note: students need EXCEL or equivalent spreadsheet software.

This course has no formal course prerequisites. It is appropriate for both those pursuing a non-accounting major/concentration degree in the area of Business, Management and Economics as well as for students studying in other areas who want to understand the accounting process. This course will satisfy the prerequisite for Corporate Finance. It does not meet the prerequisites for further accounting study.

This course is a combination of Introductory Accounting I and Introductory Accounting II [for non-accounting concentration]. Consequently, the credit for this course can not be counted in a student degree plan which has either Introductory Accounting I and Introductory Accounting II or both.

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Lower Level
Credits: 6
Term(s) Offered (Subject to Change) : Spring 1. Summer. Fall 1.

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