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Course Description:

This course is a continuation of BME-212054, Introductory Accounting 1 - Financial Accounting.

The course focuses on developing basic knowledge of management accounting concepts, tools and techniques used from various disciplines to strengthen their analytical skills. It also utilizes the current professional pronouncements and their application in management accounting. The course aims at building students’ skills in comprehending some of specialized financial reporting issues such as preparing, interpreting and using of statement of cash flows, financial statement analysis and international reporting in decision making. It also strengthens the students’ analytical skills in making various decision making such as buy or make, sell or process further, long and short-term financial investment and production decisions. Topics covered in this course include, corporate organizations and stockholders' equity, reporting unusual events and special equity transactions and special types of liabilities; managerial accounting topics including accounting for manufacturing operations, measuring unit costs and cost control, cost behavior and allocation; use of cost-volume-profit analysis and increment analysis in decision-making process; impact of income taxes rules and their effect on business decisions, operational budgeting and capital budgeting; and impact of globalization on accounting and financial reporting.

Since the course content is similar, students cannot count the credit for Accounting for Decision Makers in their degree plan if they also take Introductory Accounting I and/or Introductory Accounting II.

Important Note: This course was renamed effective FA1 2017 term and was formerly offered as Introductory Accounting 2. Students who have successfully completed 212064 should not enroll in this course.

Note: participation in this course requires the use of EXCEL spreadsheets. This course includes special online lessons that may include audio or video. Your computer must meet the minimum computer/technical requirements set by Moodle. If you have questions or concerns about these technical requirements, please contact the help desk online at http://techinfo.esc.edu or call 800 847-3000 ext. 2420.

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Lower Level
Credits: 4
Term(s) Offered (Subject to Change) : Spring 1. Spring 2. Summer. Fall 1. Fall 2.

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