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Course Description:

Building on their basic knowledge of human development and human biology, students in this 2 credit, 8-week advanced-level course will gain knowledge about developmental processes in humans across the lifespan, viewed from both the inside (neurological changes) and the outside (changes in behavior). They will see how the neurological changes and behavioral changes interact. This course will help students feel comfortable with basic vocabulary and concepts associated with developmental neurobiology.

Prerequisites: An introductory course in lifespan human development, and an introductory course in human biology.

OTE: This course was previously offered as Developmental Neurobiology: A Lifespan. Students, who completed 283112, cannot take Developmental Neurobiology.

Students planning to use financial aid: Students taking courses that are shorter than the standard term (at least 15 weeks in length) may have their federal loans reduced and/or state aid reduced or cancelled. Please visit our Web site at www.esc.edu/FinancialServices for more information.

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Liberal Study
Upper Level
Credits: 2
Term(s) Offered (Subject to Change) : Spring 1. Summer. Fall 1.

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