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Course Description:

Environmental Health examines how the environment can impact people, including chemical contamination by pesticides, industrial discharges of toxicants, hazardous wastes, diseases, radiation, air pollution, water pollution, and food safety. the course will discuss relevant laws, regulations, and policies. To the extent feasible in a survey of a broad topic, we will discuss what can be done to minimize the impacts of environmental hazards on public health. We will also discuss how human activities are having large-scale impacts on the Earth through global climate change; practical guidelines for occupational health and safety will also be presented.

This course is appropriate for students who wish to concentrate in environment science, environmental studies, heal sciences, natural sciences, and public health. In addition, this course may also be appropriate for students interested in furthering their knowledge on issues related to health and environmental hazards that have met the pre-requisites regardless of their concentration.

Prerequisites: Foundational knowledge in biology and environmental science are necessary to understand basic concepts underlying the fate and transport of chemicals and diseases. The preparation from lower level courses such as Biology I and II or equivalent and a geology or environmental science course are adequate for students to understand the concepts.

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Upper Level
Credits: 4
Term(s) Offered (Subject to Change) : Fall 1.

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