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Course Description:

Explore computer programming and the object-oriented language, Java. This course introduces techniques and processes that are necessary in a professional software development setting. A background in programming is not assumed. Topics include modern software development tools including debuggers; general programming techniques; object-oriented programming; maintainability; algorithm design; and event-driven, graphical interface design. Students will enhance their ability to develop software in industry.

Online delivery: A team-based project is included to allow students to enhance their ability to develop software as a team -- a common practice in the industry. You will complete research, discussions, writing and reading assignments within a structured course schedule. Online instructors facilitate interactive course discussions with you and other students. There are no preset meeting times. Please click here to register for this online course.

Competency Based Learning (CBL) delivery: A self-paced, self-regulated approach to learning guided by an instructor and academic coach. The course is broken into 2 levels with several segments, topics, learning activities and quizzes. Personalized lessons will be created in Level A to enhance and reinforce your understanding. The final assessment for Level B is project-based where students develop code with the Java language that demonstrates what they have learned throughout the course. If you want to know more about CBL, please click here, or go to URL http://www.esc.edu/competency-based-learning/.

Note: students must have regular access to a computer on which they can install software.

Prerequisites: an introductory-level college mathematics study that included algebra and problem solving. Students must also have the ability to install software.

This online course is offered through Online Learning. You can take this as an individual course or as part of an online degree program, with term starts in March, May, September, November and January. View current term offerings and all online courses. Click here to register for online courses.

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Liberal Study
Lower Level
Credits: 4
Term(s) Offered (Subject to Change) : Spring 1. Fall 1.

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