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Course Description:

This course examines the roles of workers and their organizations from colonial American times to the present. The goals are to develop informed and critical analyses of these historical developments and to draw conclusions about them in ways that make sense to the student. Students will critically examine and discuss labor as a form of economic, political, and social expression; will learn how to identify, understand, and appreciate labor traditions in their historical, critical, and socio-cultural contexts; and will learn to differentiate economic, political, social, and organizational traditions. The course will also consider the manner in which both unionized and non-unionized work developed. This will include discussing how gender, race, and ethnicity have influenced workers in America. Course activities require students to observe, discuss and write about labor from critical and analytical perspectives, including cultural, historical, sociological, political, and philosophical frameworks.

Prerequisites: There are no specific prerequisites for this course. Students must be able to read, research, analyze and write at the advanced level.

For students enrolling in this course as of the January 2008 term:
This course fully meets the General Education requirement in American History.

For students enrolled in this course prior to the January 2008 term:
This course partially met the General Education requirement in American History for all students, but fully met the General Education requirement in American History for students scoring 85 or above on the New York State Regents exam in United States History and Government.

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Liberal Study
Upper Level
Credits: 4
Meets General Education Requirement In: American History-Full

Term(s) Offered (Subject to Change) : Spring 1. Spring 2. Summer. Fall 1. Fall 2.

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