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SUNY Empire Connects: Deliberative Conversation: Free Speech and the Inclusive Campus (Pre-Registration Required)

Event Date(s): 10/15/2021
Event Time(s): 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Event Description: The United States is becoming increasingly diverse and more polarized as we struggle to address complex public problems such as immigration, health care, economic inequality, and America’s role in the world (Pew Research Center, 2017). As public trust in our political system waivers, U.S. college campuses are grappling with issues of inclusion, diversity, and freedom of speech (Rainie, Keeter, & Perrin, 2019). As we continue to move forward, we need to consider: Are free speech and an inclusive campus in opposition to each other? Do we have to give up one to have the other? How do we balance the rights of individuals with the responsibilities of the institution? Is this the campus community we want? What is the role of the institutional leaders versus individuals in creating or changing campus culture? Join SUNY Empire for this very important discussion. In advance of this Deliberative Conversation, please read the issue guide produced by the National Issues Forum Institute. What are Deliberative Conversations at SUNY Empire? Deliberative Conversations at SUNY Empire grew out of a partnership between the college's Office of Student Life and The Buffalo Project. These conversations are made to intentionally bring together individuals who represent diverse perspectives around a topic; sometimes difficult or controversial, to advocate for tangible, joint solutions that give a voice to all invested in the conversation. Facilitator: Anita DeCianni Brown, Career Development Coordinator and Audeliz Matias, Associate Professor, Interim Chief Diversity Officer for Institutional Equity and Inclusion and Associate Professor
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