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    Site Organization
    The Online Mathematics Library is organized into two main sections, browsing and searching. The resource listings are intended for browsing. They are organized by familiar categories covering study skills, comprehensive math sites, math topics or disciplines, and applications.

    Search Engine
    The Online Mathematics Library also features a search engine that allows you type in a word or phrase to locate all resources within the Online Mathematics Library that contain that specific concept or term. While not readily apparent, this is made possible by extensive indexing of subject content found at each web site. For example, you may not know that Algebra is the math discipline that covers "absolute value;" however, by typing this phrase into the search engine,you are automatically directed to the proper resources that address this topic

    One shortcoming of the Online Math Library's search engine is that you may be directed to a relevant site's home page and not the page that contains the information you are seeking on a particular concept. In this instance, we recommend that you look for a "search box" where you can type in your term or a click on a link for a "site index."

    External Web Links Connect to Sites Outside the Online Mathematics Library
    When you click on a link to a web site, you will leave the Online Math Library and connect to a web site outside the Empire State College web pages. For this reason it is important that, if you are not already familiar with accessing the Internet, you take some time to become familiar with navigating the World Wide Web and how your browser works. The following are some helpful guides:

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