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Course Descriptions and Usual Schedule
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Meets General Education Requirement

Term(s) Offered: (Subject to Change)
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Aging and Gerontology[</span>]Aging and Gerontology
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Alcohol and Substance Abuse[</span>]Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Anthropology[</span>]Anthropology
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Communications and Media[</span>]Communications and Media
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Criminal Justice / Homeland Security[</span>]Criminal Justice / Homeland Security
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Early Childhood Studies[</span>]Early Childhood Studies
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Economics[</span>]Economics
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Educational Planning[</span>]Educational Planning
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Emergency Management[</span>]Emergency Management
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Environmental Studies[</span>]Environmental Studies
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Family Studies[</span>]Family Studies
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Fire Protection[</span>]Fire Protection
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Gender Studies[</span>]Gender Studies
Hide details for [<span class = "orange">]Health Services[</span>]Health Services
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2CHS-252054 Disabled in America (4 cr)
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2CHS-252104 The United States Health Systems (4 cr)
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2CHS-252154 Crisis Intervention (4 cr)
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2CHS-252184 Addiction and Dependency: Introduction (4 cr)
Spring1.Fall1.CHS-253134 Cultural Competency in Health Care (4 cr)
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.CHS-253204 Group Work Practices (4 cr)
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.CHS-253304 Health Care Management (4 cr)
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2CHS-253484 Interventions for Addiction Disorders (4 cr)
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.CHS-253554 Community Health (4 cr)
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.Meets General Education RequirementCHS-253724 Economic Issues in Health Care (4 cr)
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.CHS-253744 Health Care Ethics (4 cr)
Spring1.Fall1.CHS-253754 Managed Care (4 cr)
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.Meets General Education RequirementCHS-253854 Adolescence and Addictions (4 cr)
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2CHS-254044 Grief and Loss (4 cr)
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.CHS-254134 Leadership in Health Care (4 cr)
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.CHS-254714 Health Care Policy (4 cr)
Spring1.Fall1.CHS-264834 Managing Bioterrorism and Public Health Emergencies (4 cr)
Spring1.Fall1.SMT-273124 Health Informatics (4 cr)
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2HDV-283224 Human Exceptionalities (4 cr)
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2Meets General Education RequirementSOC-283424 Social Science Research Methods (4 cr)
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Human Development[</span>]Human Development
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Human Services[</span>]Human Services
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Philosophy and Religious Studies[</span>]Philosophy and Religious Studies
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Political Science and Public Affairs[</span>]Political Science and Public Affairs
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Psychology[</span>]Psychology
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Sociology[</span>]Sociology
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Women's Studies[</span>]Women's Studies