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Course Descriptions and Usual Schedule
Other Areas: The Arts | Business, Management & Economics | Community & Human Services | Communications, Humanities & Cultural Studies | Educational Studies | Historical Studies | Human Development | Labor Studies | Nursing | Public Affairs | Science, Math & Technology | Social Science
Meets General Education Requirement
Term(s) Offered: (Subject to Change)
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Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Arts: Visual and Performing[</span>]Arts: Visual and Performing
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Business (General)[</span>]Business (General)
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Communications and Media[</span>]Communications and Media
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Computers and Information Systems[</span>]Computers and Information Systems
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Criminal Justice / Homeland Security[</span>]Criminal Justice / Homeland Security
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Economics[</span>]Economics
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Educational Planning[</span>]Educational Planning
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Emergency Management[</span>]Emergency Management
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Finance[</span>]Finance
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]History and Civilizations[</span>]History and Civilizations
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Human Resources[</span>]Human Resources
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Labor Studies[</span>]Labor Studies
Hide details for [<span class = "orange">]Management[</span>]Management
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2BME-212314 Management Principles (4 cr)
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.BME-212704 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (4 cr)
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2BME-213164 Diversity in the Workplace (4 cr)
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2BME-213224 Women in Business: Managing and Leading (4 cr)
Fall2BME-213324 The Third Sector: Not-for-Profits in the United States (4 cr)
Spring1.Fall1.BME-213354 Not-for-Profit Management (4 cr)
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2BME-213504 Human Resource Management (4 cr)
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.BME-213634 Public Relations (4 cr)
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.BME-213654 Labor/Management Relations (4 cr)
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.BME-213804 Marketing Management (4 cr)
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2BME-213914 Consumer Behavior (4 cr)
Spring1.Fall1.BME-213974 International Cross-Cultural Management (4 cr)
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.BME-214204 Operations Management (4 cr)
Spring1.Fall1.BME-214224 Management of Technology and Innovation (MTI) (4 cr)
Fall1.BME-214234 Managing the Service Sector Operation (4 cr)
Spring1.Fall1.BME-214304 Manufacturing Management (4 cr)
Spring1.Fall1.BME-214314 Organization Development and Change (4 cr)
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.BME-214324 International Marketing (4 cr)
Spring1.Fall1.BME-214344 Supply Chain Management in the Global Context (4 cr)
Fall1.BME-214464 Hospitality and Tourism Marketing Management (4 cr)
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.BME-214524 Self-Management and Self-Marketing (4 cr)
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2BME-214614 Organizational Behavior (4 cr)
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.BME-214624 Leadership (4 cr)
Spring1.Fall1.BME-214704 Small Business Management (4 cr)
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2BME-214834 Sales Management (4 cr)
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.BME-214874 Employment and Labor Law (4 cr)
Spring1.Fall1.ART-223524 Arts Management (4 cr)
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2SMT-273454 Project Management (4 cr)
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Marketing[</span>]Marketing
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Multicultural and Diversity Studies[</span>]Multicultural and Diversity Studies
Show details for [<span class = "orange">]Women's Studies[</span>]Women's Studies