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CDL Courses That Meet SUNY General Education Requirements
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Spring1.Fall1.221214Media Writing
Spring1.Fall1.221254Introduction to Linguistics
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.221404Introduction to Literature
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.221454Creative Nonfiction: Introductory
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2221634Humanities through the Arts
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2222034Introduction to Religious Studies
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.222224An Introduction to Philosophy
Spring1.Fall1.222242Introduction to Ethics (2cr)
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2222244Introduction to Ethics (4cr)
Fall1.222404American Literature: 1600-1865
Spring1.222414American Literature: 1865-Present
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.222514Children's Literature: Introductory
Spring1.Fall1.222604Food and Drink in Cultural Context: Introductory
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.223024Stories and Creative Leadership
Spring1.Spring2.Summer.Fall1.Fall2223104Mythology and Modern Life
Spring1.Spring2.Fall1.223354Television and Culture
Spring1.Fall1.223454Literary Interpretation as a Method of Inquiry
Spring1.Fall1.223504Dance Across World Cultures
Spring1.Fall1.223604Food and Drink in Cultural Context: Advanced
Spring1.Fall1.224014U. S. Women's Multicultural Life-Writings
Spring2.Fall2224024U. S. Multicultural Fiction
Spring1.Fall1.224034Religious Thought in World Perspective
Spring1.Fall1.224054The Enlightenment
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.224114Women, Girls and the Media
Spring1.224354Literature of the Holocaust
Spring1.Fall1.224364Language and Culture
Fall1.224404Topics in Literature: Jane Austen
Fall1.224414Topics in Literature: Young Adult
Spring1.Summer.Fall1.224454Creative Nonfiction: Advanced
Spring1.224504Ideal Worlds: Utopian Literature
Spring1.Fall1.224524Children's Literature: Advanced
Spring1.Fall1.224764Exploring Place: Humanities
Spring1.232072Exploring the Disciplines: Literature
Spring1.242404An Introduction to Culture
Spring1.243154Latin America in the Contemporary World
Spring1.Fall1.243204Queering American Culture
Spring1.Fall1.243434Public History: A Shared Conversation with the Past
Spring1.243444Modern Political Theory
Fall1.244344Renaissance and Reformation: Origins and Impacts
Spring1.Summer.253424Water: Local and Global Perspectives
Fall1.254154Medical Humanities
Spring1.281324Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
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