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Course Description:

Explore the vibrant history and culture of Pacific Asia. Investigate the countries of East and Southeast Asia, including China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and others. Study the region, its history, belief systems, and creativity, while developing an appreciation for its literatures, popular literatures, visual and graphic arts and films. Connect cultural traditions to religion, history, politics, economics, and social organizations. Look into the construction and perception of Pacific Asian cultural identities. Examine the region’s distinctive history, institutions, economies, and societies by exploring cultural production and traditions in socio-historical context. Become familiar with Pacific Asian culture while using it as a means for understanding historical developments. Appreciate the diversity and dynamism of Asia by exploring the contributions each country makes to the concept of Asia.

Through its examination of culture in historical context, this course is particularly useful for students interested in historical studies, cultural studies, or both. It allows students to take advantage of a multimedia environment in order to examine art, literature, film, and web-based resources in historical context; it seeks to encourage critical reading and writing; and, it provides opportunities for students to individualize their study in accordance with their own particular geographical interests.

This course meets the General Education requirement in Other World Civilizations.

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Other Areas: The Arts | Business, Management & Economics | Community & Human Services | Communications, Humanities & Cultural Studies | Educational Studies | Historical Studies | Human Development | Labor Studies | Nursing | Science, Math & Technology | Social Science
Liberal Study
Lower Level
Credits: 4
Meets General Education Requirement In: Other World Civilizations-Full

Term(s) Offered (Subject to Change) : Spring 2.

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