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What is Sustainability?

“ … meeting the needs of the present without compromising the
ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
Brundtland Commission, 1987 Report of the World
Commission on Environment and Development

Why is Sustainability Important to Corporations?

Many companies are now pursuing the goal of sustainability, realizing that protecting the environment makes good business sense. Empire State College offers high-quality, cost-effective studies that honor the needs of business. It values prior learning and corporate training and keeps employees on the job while they pursue their studies in sustainability.

Who Would be Interested in Sustainability?

These studies would appeal to people who already work within an organization and who want to acquire an education that focuses on sustainable enterprise. They also are for career changers who are interested in “green” jobs or assuming positions of sustainability leadership in an organization.

How Would You Create a Business and Sustainability Concentration?

Students can design degrees within our Business, Management and Economics area of study with a concentration in business and sustainability. Just like any other Empire State College degree, students can earn credit for college-level learning gained though life and work experiences, as well as incorporate transcript credit into their individualized degree programs. Below is a list of studies, that students can incorporate into their degree program. These studies are available to matriculated and nonmatriculated students.

Sample Study Titles

Strategic Management and the Environment
Ethics and the Ecology of Business
Industrial Ecology
Organizational Change and Management for Sustainability
Sustainable Energy Systems
American Environmental History
Building Social Capital
Environmental Science

How do I Enroll?

One way you can study is face-to-face with other students within our Business, Management and Economics area of study through the Business Learning Community which meets three times per term. This provides:

  • a blended learning model for most studies, with students engaging in online activities between the residencies;
  • an opportunity to network with other business and sustainability students; and
  • a place to hear from guest speakers about topical issues of interest to Business, Management and Economics students.

Studies that support a business and sustainability concentration also are available through independent study.

For more information, please contact:
Deborah McEligot, at 315 460-3181, or Central.NY@esc.edu.