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Finite Mathematics and Applied Calculus
Calculators Practice Multimedia Readings
This site is authored by Stefan Waner and Steven R. Costenoble of Hofstra University to accompany their math courses and textbooks. There are extensive readings that provide complete outlines to the subject material including some interactive examples. It also features interactive tutorials, chapter summaries and quizzes, review exercises and a larger selection of Java and Java-Script based utilities.
Karl's Calculus Tutor
Calculators Practice Searchable Readings
This is a searchable tutorial on proofs with guided exercises in which hard problems are solved by answering a series of easy questions. Some exercises require you to formulate proofs. Four interactive calculators with tutorials allow you to solve n equations, plot functions and generate plot images of functions. Tutorials cover limits, continuity, derivatives, related rates, optimization, L'Hopital's rule, integration, etc. This site is unique because the author, Karl Hahn, uses parables and metaphors to illustrate abstract concepts.
Visual Calculus
Practice Multimedia Readings
This site was created by Dr. Lawrence Husch of the University of Tennessee and several of his students. It is a collection of modules that can be used in the study and teaching of calculus. It also includes tutorials, interactive modules that use LiveMath, Java and JavaScript and features detailed instructions for TI-85 and TI-86 graphing calculators. As an additional aid for students, modules containing quizzes and drill problems have also been added. Features tutorials on basic topics with animation, Flash and movies. To view all features, you may be required to download plug-ins or helper applications.
OJK's Precalculus Page
Calculators Practice Multimedia Searchable Readings
This site reviews 15 topics usually covered in high school precalculus courses. Each topic has sample problems, explanations, interactive quizzes and sample tests with answers. The site includes an online calculator and a graphing calculator. The author has over 25 years experience in high school and community college teaching. To locate a specific concept, use the blue search box in the middle of the home page.
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Calculus Tutorial
This is a comprehensive series of readings and examples on calculus, covering from algebra to integration and linear algebra created by the math department at Harvey Mudd College. Note, the online quiz system is limited to students at the college. Tutorials can also be downloaded as PDF files.
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calculus.org: The Calculus Page
Calculators Practice Reference Multimedia Readings
This site is sponsored by the math departments at UC Davis and Williams College and the Morgan Foundation. It is a very comprehensive collection of online resources for the calculus student and the calculus instructor. It includes web links to study tips, sample exams, problem sets, animations and applets, tutorials, online texts, notebooks that use Mathematica and Maple software, tools and software.
The Integrator
This site features a web interface to an online integrator based on Mathematica 3.0 that automatically evaluates integrals. Users can type in any integral or choose a random sample. The site also includes links that explain what integrals are used for, the history of integration and how the site works.
Graphics for the Calculus Classroom
Multimedia Readings
These are excerpts from a collection of graphical demonstrations and explanations, developed for first year calculus students. Many topics can be viewed in animated GIF format or in Java. To view them you may be required to download plug-ins or helper applications. It is authored by Doug Arnold, who is the director of the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications in Minneapolis and professor at the University of Minnesota.
The Calculus Page Problems List
Authored by D.A. Kouba of UC Davis, this is one of the largest collections of calculus problems with detailed, step-by-step solutions available anywhere. Problems range from easy to challenging.

Features search box, site map or index to locate information quickly