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Corporate Finance Live
Calculators Practice Reference Multimedia Readings
This site contains interactive learning tools focusing on the quantitative aspects of corporate finance. It offers concise explanations of the major concepts with interactive examples, specialized financial calculators, algorithmically generated practice problems and multiple choice quizzes with feedback. The site also includes commonly used equations and numerous applets. In order for this page to function properly your browser must be Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher and have both Java and JavaScript enabled.
Business Math Resource Center
Calculators Reference Practice Searchable Readings
This South-Western Publisher site provides links to calculators, worksheets, quizzes, sample budget plans and external web sites. When prompted "Students - How may we help you?", click on "Business Math Topics" from the drop down menu. Explore one of the following topics: Banks and Other Financial Institutions, Personal Budgeting, The Time Value of Money, Interest Rates, Major Consumer Purchasing Decisions, Insurance, Personal Investments or Future Planning.
Practical Business Math
Calculators Practice Reference Readings
This web site accompanies the McGraw-Hill text authored by Jeffrey Slater. It features PowerPoint presentations for each chapter, quizzes, word problems, calculations and applications. There are 22 chapters ranging from reviews of fractions and decimals, percents, solving equations and other business topics related to banking, payroll, notes, annuities, interpreting financial reports, depreciation, inventory, taxes, financial instruments and basic business statistics. It includes glossary and links to major online business publications.
Accounting and Financial Analysis
Calculators Searchable
iFigure provides links to interactive online calculators and worksheets that provide information to help in planning, solving and making decisions for a multitude of business problems and tasks that come up daily, such as buying real estate, investing money, figuring business profits, or making statistical comparisons. To find a tool, choose a topic from the menu at the top left of the page: Accounting, Employees, Expenses, Retailing, or Taxes,or use the search box. It also includes related web links.
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Statistical Thinking for Decision-making
Calculators Multimedia Readings
This University of Baltimore web site combines an appreciation of statistics with managerial thinking. It is an introductory course in statistics that explains basic concepts and methods of statistical analysis, and demonstrates their use in decision-making under conditions of uncertainty. It features a collection of JavaScript E-labs learning objects as well as web links to related sites, journals, societies & organizations, and books.
Humber College (Ontario) Business Math
Practice Reference Readings
The Math Centre at Humber College features online tutorials in: 1) break-even analysis, 2) commercial discount, markup and markdown, 3) compound interest, amount and present value, and 4) calculating the amount of ordinary general annuities. The site provides background on each concept followed by examples and their solutions. It includes links to related web sites.
Eric Weisstein’s World of Mathematics - Business Applications
Searchable Readings
This site is a small part of a very comprehensive online mathematics encyclopedia. Use the search option to find the math concept that you are looking for or click on the subject links provided: Accounting, Actuarial Mathematics, Economics or Finance.
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Statistical Resources on the Web
Readings Searchable
Developed by the University of Michigan Library this is a very comprehensive web site that provides links to economics and business related statistical resources on the web. It features links to federal agencies, national organizations and commercial groups that publish and collect data sets. Look for blue search button above table of topics.
What's a Dollar Worth?
The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis allows visitors to use a Consumer Price Index (CPI) calculator to find out the change in price of goods and services over time.

Features search box, site map or index to locate information quickly