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Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics
Readings Searchable
This interactive site is organized by chapters, as found in a conventional book. There are three main areas: probability, statistics and special models. The expository text assumes knowledge of calculus at the standard undergraduate level. No prior knowledge of probability or statistics is required. It includes Java applet demonstrations. To view all features, you may be required to download plug-ins or helper applications. To search this site, use the "keyword" link at the bottom of the page. The site is authored by Kyle Siegrist of the math department at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.
Web Interface for Statistics Education (WISE)
Practice Searchable
Developed at Claremont Graduate University features a sequence of interactive tutorials and quizzes on key statistical concepts (sampling distributions, the central limit theorem, hypothesis testing, and statistical power).
SURFSTAT australia
Practice Reference Searchable Readings
This is a comprehensive online text in introductory statistics and probability, created by Keith Dear of the department of statistics at the University of Newcastle, Australia. It includes a glossary, interactive exercises, JavaScript functions replacing statistical probability tables, and some Java applets demonstrating statistical concepts through dynamic graphics. To access all featues, you may be required to download plug-ins or helper applications. It also includes web links to related sites. Click on link for "Detailed Contents" to find a specific concept.
What Are the Odds?
Practice Reference Readings
This website was developed by the University of Virginia for use by teachers. The site includes active lesson plans, an interactive quiz assessing common probability misconceptions, historical facts and related activities, famous probability problems, glossary of probability terms and web links.
Hyperstat Online Textbook
Practice Searchable Readings
Created by David Lane of Rice University's Virtual Lab in Statistics, this online textbook covers introductory statistics and probability. Go through the chapters then select instructional demonstrations or exercises as needed. Each chapter contains links to related online demos and includes links to free statistical analysis programs. To locate a specific concept, use the search link in the upper left of page. Site also includes web links.
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Statistics to Use
This site archives descriptions of various statistical tests illustrated with some online calculation tools. It provides an index of online calculators to calculate mean, standard deviation, chi-square distribution, ANOVA, and more.

Against All Odds: Inside Statistics
Multimedia Reference
A video instructional series on statistics; 26 half-hour video programs and coordinated books.

Features search box, site map or index to locate information quickly