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Math.com - Basic Arithmetic
Calculators Practice Reference Searchable Readings
Click on the tab for "Practice." Select a subject to practice, either "Everyday Math" or "Pre Algebra." Browse through and choose a mathematical concept. Ten problems are presented to be solved (Step 4). Users can choose to solve the problems or back up to: Step 1: First Glance, Step 2: In-depth explanation, Step 3: Examples, Step 4: Workout, which provides 10 interactive problems and their solutions. When 8 out of 10 of the problems are correctly answered, users are encouraged to move on to the next concept. Unit quizzes are available. This iste also features a section on word problems. Site is sponsored by Encore Software.
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Dan's Math@Home Lessons - Arithmetic
Click on the link for "Basic Skills Topics" to access brief summary reviews of basic arithmetic and pre-algebra concepts, including examples.
Pre-Algebra Basic Skills
Readings Practice
This site provides 14 pre-algebra lessons offered through free-ed.net. Each lesson contains a chapter preview to help users determine which units should be studied, numerous interactive assignments, followed by a chapter mastery test. It also features a section on word problems. Content of this course is provided by Online College Prep, an educational online service of HH Publishing Company.
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WebMath Problem Solver
Calculators Practice Searchable
Identify the type of basic arithmetic problem you need to solve, enter your math problem and click to see an explanation and the answer. This site also includes story and word problems. The home page has links to a detailed alphabetical listing of different math problems, as well as a search window.
Glossary of Mathematical Terms
Reference Multimedia Searchable
This glossary is located at a web site called Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles. It contains extensive listing of hundreds of terms related to all aspects of mathematics. The site is authored by former college professor, turned software developer. To view all features, including JavaScript and Java applets, you may be required to download plug-ins or helper applications.
Math Reference Tables
Searchable Reference
This well organized site features math facts and formulas for basic arithmetic and other topics. It includes links to Spanish and French versions, and an interactive message board. It is authored by Dave Manura of Math2.org.

Features search box, site map or index to locate information quickly