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Dig Stats - Institute for Connecting Science Research to the Classroom
Multimedia Practice Readings
This Central Virginia Governor's School for Science & Technology web site offers Dig Stats, an interactive tutorial complimented with activities that make connections to the “real world,” quizzes and applets in the areas of descriptive statistics, inferential statistics and graphical analysis. Site is recognized by Eisenhower National Clearinghouse as exemplary web site. Use Site Index to locate specific concepts. INDEX
Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics
Multimedia Readings Searchable
This Rice University site features an online statistics textbook with links to: statistics resources on the web, simulations and demonstrations that illustrate basic statistical concepts, case studies of data with analyses and interpretation, and some basic statistical analysis tools. Also includes Java applet simulations. INDEX
Seeing Statistics
Multimedia Readings Reference Tools
Interactive textbook with tutorials.
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Statistics Case Studies
Practice Readings
An extensive list of interesting case studies compiled by faculty at UCLA Statistics Department is presented here. Each brief case is preceded by a list of topics discussed and is followed by a series of questions. While there are no "answers" provided, the cases do provide food for thought and analysis.
StatSoft: Electronic Textbook
Searchable Readings
Developed by Statsoft's R&D department based on many years of teaching college level statistics courses, this site covers a wide variety of applications including laboratory research, business statistics and forecasting, social sciences, data mining, engineering and quality control applications. It begins with elementary concepts and advances to more in-depth topics. Use search box located at top of page to locate specific concepts.
What is the Research Methods Knowledge Base?
Bill Trochim, of Cornell University, has developed an extensive web site devoted to social research methods. These tutorials were prepared by students taking a course in "Research Methods and Program Design" to explain basic and advanced research methods, and are useful in illustrating critical thinking skills required when addressing statistical topics.
Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics
Searchable Readings
A full-length, and occasionally interactive statistics textbook by Richard Lowery of Vassar College. Use "Site Search" located at far right to locate specific concepts.
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STATS (Statistical Assessment Service)
Readings Searchable
STATS is a nonpartisan, nonprofit research organization in Washington, D.C. STATS is devoted to the accurate use of scientific and social research in public policy debate. It also serves as a resource for journalists by providing timely and well-researched analysis of current scientific and statistical disputes. The site also includes links to related web sites.

Features search box, site map or index to locate information quickly