@ Home Library Workshops

This page has been replaced. For current Workshop information go to: http://subjectguides.esc.edu/workshops


Do you want to:
  • save time and effort on doing your research assignments?
  • use the library more effectively and efficiently?
  • get a leg up on doing superior research using scholarly resources?
  • learn about using the online library from the comfort of your own home?

The @Home Library Workshops are 90-minute, live, hands-on, online classes given by the college's librarians. They take place entirely on the web using the Elluminate Live! virtual classroom. This means you can take the workshop using your home computer (see requirements below).

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Participation Requirements:

IMPORTANT: you must successfully complete all technical and set-up requirements below before registering

Minimum Technical Requirements:

  1. Check Computer Requirements (note: microphone or headset NOT required)
  2. Internet connection speed: broadband recommended
  3. Listening options:
    • computer speakers
    • or headphones (microphone optional) or headset
    • or telephone (calling charges from your carrier may apply)
  4. Talking options:
    • computer microphone or headset
    • or no talking (text-chat only): if you do not have a microphone or headset to speak into, you can communicate using text chat only
    • or telephone (calling charges from your carrier may apply)

Set-Up Requirements:
  1. PRIOR to registering make sure your computer works properly with Elluminate. Go to the Elluminate Support site (you can do this anytime prior to registering)
    • Step 1: Java Software: automatically tells you if you have the correct version
    • Step 2: Complete your setup: click on the "configuration room" link to check your audio
    • Step 3 (optional, but recommended): take the 5-minute, online orientation or view the quick reference guide

Registration & Participation Steps (requirements above must be met to register):
  1. Register for a workshop date. Type your name and email in the form. Registration closes one hour prior to start time.
  2. You will get an email before & after the session containing reminders, handouts and feedback forms.
  3. Go to the virtual classroom web address (you will receive the address when you register) at least 5 minutes before start time.
    • Type your name into the text box provided, click the "login" button
      • You may be asked to download a small file onto your computer (meeting.jnlp). If so, click "ok."
    • Once the Elluminate classroom opens on your screen:
      • If using a computer talk option (microphone or headset): click on the Tools menu at top > Audio > Audio Set-up Wizard
      • If using the Phone: click on the small blue "telephone" icon near the bottom of the screen to get the phone conference number and PIN (note: your phone service may charge you regular calling rates)

Dates & Registration

How to register: click on the "Register here" link next to the date you want, then click on the "Register" button on the registration page and enter your name and email.

    Fall 2011 Workshop dates (all workshops 6:30 - 8 PM EST):
    Registration links coming very soon. Additional October dates to be added within the next month as well.
    **If a workshop is not available when you want help, you can call or use our live chat services to speak one-on-one with a librarian to address any questions you have.**
    • Thu, Aug. 18: Introduction to Searching [instructor: Dana Longley]:
    • Tue, Aug. 30: Citing Your Sources [instructor: Sara Hull]:
    • Wed, Aug. 31: Using RefWorks [instructors: Sarah Morehouse & Heather Shaloub]:
    • Thu, Sept. 1: Introduction to Searching [instructor: Dana Longley]:
    • Wed, Sept. 7: Working with Books & E-Books [instructor: Dana Longley]:
    • Thu, Sept 8: Introduction to Searching [instructor: Dana Longley]:
    • Wed, Sept 14: Choosing the Best Research Materials [instructor: Sarah Morehouse]:
    • Thu, Sept. 15: Using RefWorks [instructors: Heather Shaloub & Sarah Morehouse]:
    • Tue, Sept. 20: Citing Your Sources [instructor: Sara Hull]:
    • Wed, Sept. 21: Choosing the Best Research Materials [instructor: Sarah Morehouse]:
    • Wed, Sept. 28: Using RefWorks [instructor: Heather Shaloub]:
    • Thu, Sept. 29: Working with Books & E-Books [instructor: Dana Longley]:


a. Introduction to Searching:

    How to effectively and efficiently do research and navigate the college's online library, which includes searchable access to millions of full-text journal & newspaper articles and other resources. Ideal for those new to the college, new to using the online library or doing college-level research. Optional: bring your own research topic to work on.

    You will learn how to:
    • Create a search strategy from a research topic
    • Use the Resources by Subject guides
    • Search Journal & Newspaper Articles
    • Use powerful search results page options

b. Citing Your Sources:
    Learn why citing your sources is so important and where to get citation formatting information for styles such as APA, MLA, etc. Ideal for anyone interested in learning how to avoid accidental plagiarism.

    • Why cite?
    • What is a citation?
    • Parts of a citation
    • MLA vs APA style
    • Knowing your source
    • Documentation tips
c. Working with Books & E-Books:
    How to effectively navigate, search and use the college's e-book collections and how to locate print books in nearby libraries. Ideal for those new to the college, new to using the online library or doing college-level research.

    You will learn how to:
    • Use the library e-book catalog
    • Search the full-text of specific e-book collections
    • Determine annotation, save and print options for e-books
    • Locate print books (and journals) at nearby libraries using WorldCat
2. Choosing the Best Research Materials:
What is the difference between scholarly and popular articles? What are some tell-tale signs that the information source you want to use isn't reliable? How can you tell the difference between fact and somebody's opinion disguised as fact? Your instructor may say "Use only reliable, academic resources!" or "Don't cite Wikipedia!" - this webinar will show you how to use your own judgment and critical thinking skills to evaluate information sources and the information in them for yourself. Ideal for anyone doing college-level research, reading the newspaper, watching a health report, etc.!

What the Virtual Classroom Looks Like:

We use Elluminate as our online, live classroom platform. It has text chat, whiteboard, screensharing and computer headset audio capabilities for collaboration and communication.

Annotated screen capture of the online classroom:
Display of the Elluminate Live Classroom. Upper left: List of Participants area, with Raise hand and Yes-No buttons highlighted. Middle left: text chat area. Bottom left: Microphone options with Mic button to speak highlighted. Right side: whiteboard area

If you need to request accommodations on the basis of a disability, please contact Disability Services @ x2201 or Disability.Services@esc.edu) when you register. The library workshops use a combination of visual and audio media that may necessitate the use of accommodations. Requests for accommodations should be submitted as early as possible to allow for sufficient planning. If you have questions, please visit the disability services website (http://www.esc.edu/disabilityservices) or contact the office at x2201 or disability.services@esc.edu.